Figuring it all out

So I’m leaving for Bali in about three weeks. It’s my first overseas holiday not with my Family (I’ve only been to Fiji when I was quite young) this holiday is just going to be me and my boyfriend and for him it is the very first time overseas.

I’m very nervous about everything I don’t know. My passport still hasn’t arrived so I’m quite stressed out about that. I recently heard that you need USD$25 to actually enter the country which I don’t understand at all, so now I’m wondering if there’s any other important information I should know about that I don’t.

All that aside, there is much more excitement than nervousness inside me.

I decided to start this blog now so I can figure out how to use it and work out all the kinks so when I get to Bali I can just blog away without having to worry about not knowing how.

I can’t wait!


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