Arrived today

4:00am wake up. 9:55am flight. Didn’t freak out about flying. 50 Shades of Grey, 9 chapters in. None of it seemed real.

The flight didn’t seem to long. Shaun and I were in a middle section of four seats but the one in the middle wasn’t taken. I slept and read, Shaun watched a movie or two, still didn’t seem real.

We got off the plane and immediately felt the warmth of outside but it wasn’t overpowering or too muggy. There were a lot of strange smells. Mostly insence. We followed the crowd and lined up to get our visas (USD$25 each) then followed along to the next line to get the visas and passports stamped. It was pretty obvious what we suppose to be doing.

We got our checked luggage and followed on to the bag scanning area. I can’t even think of how many people told me Don’t let anyone touch your bag. Two men came up to me and Shaun saying they’d take our bags to the checking area. I let go of my bag not quite sure what was going on and turned to Shaun who was still firmly holding on to his bag. He looked at me and said calmly but sternly, “Don’t let go of your bag.” I quickly snatched the handle back off the man who didn’t put up much of a fight, let go and walked off to the next piece of fresh meat.

Through the airport and out of the building we stood on one side of a barrier while there were so many people on the other side holding up names of passengers, hotels or companies. It took us a while but I spotted Shaun’s name and a very friendly Balinese man lead us to a car to take us to our hotel. It still hadn’t set in.

The driver didn’t speak at all but we were so taken by everything out the window that we didn’t really mind. The roads were tiny and all seemed like back streets. I was waiting to get onto a main road but it never seemed to happen. The drive from the airport to Legian seemed very short. Traffic was crazy with motorbikes swerving everywhere and cars driving on the wrong side of the road. It was how I expected it to be.

We arrived at the Padma and the only thing I could take in was the size of the fish in the ponds. It still hadn’t set in though that we were in Bali. We got some paperwork filled out and then were shown to our room. Now I was getting excited! Our room was amazing. That’s all I can say to describe it. We were hungry so we decided to walk around. We walked onto the beach and then found some shops. We sat down at a restaurant near the hotel and I ordered a margarita pizza and Shaun, a mixed grill plate that was set out very exotically. The pizza was amazing (unexpected). As we waited for our food we watched people on the streets and in the shops and I finally understand what culture shock is, although I wouldn’t be able to describe it.

After we ate we took the advice of many and walked around without buying anything just to get a feel for things. People on the street just look at you and say “Yes, yes” gesturing towards their shops. It was difficult looking in all the shops because you have to constantly stare at the ground, making sure not to trip over the incredibly uneven pavement. Every few meters there’s a piece of pavement missing filled in with sandbags.

We returned to the hotel and thought about taking a dip in one of the pools at the Padma but opted for a bath in front of the TV in our room instead which took forever to run with the low pressure on the hot water. 60 channels and there wasn’t much to choose from. It was about 7:30pm and we decided to walk around the resort again which is so huge and I can’t even comprehend figuring out my way around. We checked out the gym and the pools and looked in a few of the restaurants. The place was empty. There was no one in the lit up pools which were still open and barely anyone walking around. We left the hotel and walked around again. Most of the stalls were still open but few shoppers around, there were few pretty full restaurants but I’m still not sure where everyone goes.

Back in the hotel room and decided to order some dessert for room service. Just because we can. The chocolate mud cake was amazing and I told myself this can not become a habit. We’re on the fourth floor and always taking the stairs but that won’t cover it.

Looking forward to the breakfast buffet but have no idea how we’re going to pend the rest of the day tomorrow. Future blog posts will hopefully not be this long. This one wasn’t suppose to be but it sure has felt like a long day.


One thought on “Arrived today

  1. Andrew says:

    Sounds absolutely amazing!

    Also sounds like you should check out the gym!!!

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