Long Walks and Chilling by the Pool

After breakfast I made another mistake despite the warnings. I used tap water while brushing my teeth. Hopefully it doesn’t catch up with me.

We decided to walk to Kuta today. The biggest touristy place in Bali, which honestly doesn’t seem much different from Legian. I’m sure the nightlife would be but the shopping isn’t really. We went in search of Poppies Lane I and II which are supposedly the biggest shopping strips. Every second shop has the exact same stuff as the last and my need for shopping until I drop has dramatically dropped. Everything’s cheap and when I think to myself, Would I wear that in Melbourne? The answer is no. I was actually terrified of walking into any of the shops. I was scared of bartering and of what the Balinese would say/do once we were in the shop. Shaun started us off by buying a fake TAG watch he’s wanted for a very long time, bartering the price from about $100AUD to $35AUD. We then searched for the ‘Discovery Mall’ another big shopping destination, got very lost but eventually found it. I was expecting a big sign or something saying DISCOVERY MALL but it was just CENTRO. We only realised we were walking into the right place when we saw the little writing  on the doors saying ‘discovery mall’. The shops were normal (Nike, Roxy, La Senza) the prices were a bit lower than home but still not quite what I’m willing to pay.

We left the discovery mall and went back to Poppies Lane for my first attempt at buying something. I spotted a pair of sandles which I desperately wanted because I was getting blisters and sore in between my toes from my thongs. First attempt failed. He offered about $80AUD when I was expecting about $5AUD. “Real Leather.” He said. I tried to barter but I’m very aware I wasn’t firm or confident and I kept turning to Shaun asking him what price I was saying. I’m not catching onto the money at all but Shaun seems like an expert already. I ended up walking out of the store and found another pair (not as nice) somewhere else, bartered down to $12AUD with a pair of fake Oakleigh sunnies for Shaun thrown in, bartering assisted by Shaun. Well taken over. I’ll get better with some practice.

We ended up getting completely lost around the shops and streets of Kuta/Legian walking around for about five hours all up. We realised we were in an area where we were no longer surrounded by Aussie tourists. We asked a couple of people for directions to the beach (we knew if we found the beach we’d know where we were) but they didn’t know or didn’t speak English. I so badly wanted to give up and get in a taxi but Shaun was convinced we could find our way back so we kept walking on the uneven footpaths and every toe stubbed and a twisted ankle later Shaun hailed a taxi. It wasn’t the worst place to be lost but we were ready for some food and sitting. I was tentative about getting into the taxi because it wasn’t a Bluebird taxi and that’s what I’d been told to stick to. The taxi had already pulled over so I felt obliged to get in. The driver started the meter without us asking and all was good.

We got the taxi to drop us at a restaurant near our hotel where I had Mi Goreng and Shaun had Nasi Goreng. Both really nice. I also bought a dress for $5AUD bartered from $10. It’s just one of those elastic bust dresses but there aren’t many options and I really wanted a dress just to chuck on whenever. We returned to the hotel, chucked on our bathers and spent a few hours next to the pool reading and napping and just taking it easy, giving our feet a rest. We put up a little flag on the table between us which gets us the equivalent to room service next to the pool. I got a freshly squeezed orange juice and Shaun, a sweet mocktail.

We’ve organised through our hotel to go to the zoo tomorrow and to swim with Dolphins next week. So glad mum told us to organise the dolphins as soon as possible because they were already all booked out for this week.

I googled somewhere nice to have dinner and found a place with great reviews, Hitana. We searched for Hitana quickly trying to beat the sunset but gave up and went to Zanzibars which was also recommended to us. I was disappointed that we didn’t find Hitana but Zanzibarz was amazing and much cheaper than Hitana would have been. We got three courses, Shaun had a Mojito and it all came to bout $35AUD. I had pesto linguini and Shaun had steak.

We finally found where all the people go. Along the beach, the opposite way to which we’ve been walking there’s lounges set up on the sand all along the beach and bars and restaurants everywhere (Zanzibars included) We finished dinner and walked along the beach towards our hotel, and of course walked passed Hitana not too far from Zanzibars. We’re going to go tomorrow night.

Back at the hotel we decided to go for a night swim. It didn’t last very long because we figured out why they’re empty at night. They’re not warm!!! And the temperature outside isn’t overly warm at night anyway. Shorts and singlet warm but not jump in a cold pool warm. Still, it was nice having the absolutely huge pool all to ourselves for the 5 minutes we lasted.


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