Hatini and Shopping

Hatini and Shopping

After my last post we decided to go to the beach where there are lounges with umbrellas set up every few meters. We walked for a while and then I decided to sit. A Balinese man approached us and told us we had to pay rent to sit in the chairs. I was quite shocked and told him we’d keep walking. It was more the shock that made me decline than me not wanting to pay. Either way, I was quite embarrassed.

We walked back to hotel and decided to head out for dinner. This time we knew where Hatini was so we went there. For the second night the sunset disappeared behind the clouds before hitting the horizon, it was still an amazing view. We ordered cocktails (first time drinking for a long time) and got a little tipsy off three each (buy one get one free). Our main meals were amazing and the Hatini definitely lived up to its reviews but it was the dessert the was the show stopper. Creme Brulee. Wow. Never tried it before and just… wow. I could have had five of them.

After dinner we decided to hit the streets with our increased confidence due to our slight intoxication. I bought a handbag and Shaun got a hat, I think about $17AUD for the two. I bought two dresses for $20AUD. Not bad bartering skills but still much room to improve. I’m still turning to Shaun every time to check what price I’m offering because I’m terrified of adding an extra zero onto the price.

Back in our room now and Shaun’s fallen fast asleep. He’s cheaper than me. Looking forward to a day of no plans tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Hatini and Shopping

  1. Marie says:

    Hi Jacqui and Shaun, I’ve tried to find the list of restaurants but was unsuccessfuly. I’ve put a call out to the girls that came to Bali with me and we’ll get a new list together if you like. The Zoo sounded fantastic….there seems to be a lot more attractions than when we where there a couple of years ago. Don’t forget to order your jackets early too!

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi guys,
    great photo of Jac at the table at sunset and that looks like a pretty big lion cub!!
    Sounds like you are having a ball.

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