Oh the Zoo

Set an alarm this morning. 6:30am to give us plenty of time to have breakfast and get ready for our 8:30am pick up to go to the zoo. We had our breakfast in the pavilion today, which was a lovely area just off where the rest of the breakfast buffet area was. I have no idea why it was offered to us but I’m glad it was. The chipmunks didn’t want any of my breakfast, they didn’t come near us this morning. After breakfast we sat into the foyer until a man came up to us with a T-shirt saying ‘BALI ZOO’ on it and asked if he was for us.

It was quite a long drive to the zoo but we enjoyed looking out the windows at everything that was going on around us and we even traveled no a big main road, which I was starting to wonder if they even existed. The driver gave us VIP stickers for the zoo and dropped us off right at the ticket area.

We entered the zoo where they told us to be at a certain place at 10:00am for our elephant ride which was only about 20 minutes away so we headed straight there. We walked upstairs onto a tower which we could step onto the elephant from. We sat in a chair on the elephants back with a seat belt and a the driver (I guess that’s what he’s called) sat on the elephants neck. Our ride was half an hour but it went very quickly. We walked around the elephant track passing some tiny tiger cubs being bottle fed on the way.

After returning to the tower and exiting the vehicle we were able to feed the elephants. As we fed them the bamboo they dropped some. Shaun picked it up and tried to give it to the elephant only to be told by the keeper that the elephant wont eat the bamboo once it’s touched the ground. Fussy buggers.

We then entered the main part of the zoo. We saw that there was a bird show on at 11:00am so we hurried through the first bit but still got the chance to pet a bat, have photos taken with some birds, feed a wild pig, feed sun bears through a fence, have our photo taken with a snake and feed the little impala like things.

After the bird show they brought out a lion, which they said was a lion cub was definitely bigger than what you’d expect a cub to be. Everyone lined up to pet the lion and have photos taken and somehow Shaun and I managed to get close to the front. Our package included an ‘Animal Encounter’ and I thought that was it but there was more to come. We continued walking and saw the monkeys and the HUGE orangutang and then I got to feed a tiger through the cage for an extra $5AUD. Our package also included a lunch buffet at the zoo so we headed to lunch where we were given a card with a number on it. They told us that at 1:00pm the animal encounters would begin and we’d be called over by number. So we ate lunch and then sat around and waited. We had photos taken with a bear cat and then a crocodile and then a tiger (also announced cub, but not by my standards).

The whole day was absolutely amazing. We heading back in and looked at a few of the animals we rushed passed at the beginning of the day and then went back to zoo reception where they called our driver for the day. I think Shaun and I both fell asleep on the way home. 

Now we’re back at the hotel, I was thinking of taking a nap but now I’m thinking that will just make me feel groggy. Might go down to the pool or the beach for a massage. Whatever we do, it doesn’t matter, because we’re no holidays!




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