Lazy Days

Lazy Days

Today we had nothing planned which was nice. I still woke up at 6:15am without an alarm so I decided to just go for a walk around the resort and when I came back we went to breakfast. I kept it pretty healthy this morning having bircher muesli, a piece of pumpkin bread and a litttle bit of bacon. Shaun asked if they could make him poached eggs despite not being part of the buffet and they were more than happy to do it for him.

Today’s only plan was to find the leather and tailor place to get a couple of jackets made for me. We couldn’t find Hariza, the place recommended because it no longer exists. That’s the problem with older recommendations. So back to google reviews and we’ll be back on the search for some new ones tomorrow.

We walked into Kuta again today and did some good shopping. Bought two handbags for $20 each (Jimmy Choo and Prada) got a new bikini which was from a real shop and much more expensive but I love it! From Marks & Spencer at the Discovery Mall. Bought two rings for $7.50 each. I’m so glad I have Shaun handling all the money. I’m sure I could if I needed to but I’m just not getting the hang of it yet. I can haggle a bit now but not count it out when I’m handing it over.

After being out for a few hours we decided to come back
and relax next to the pool. The warmer one this time. Reading and napping with a couple of cocktails, although I think I’ll stick to milkshakes from now on because I’m remembering I hate the taste of alcohol.

After the pool we headed out for dinner, deciding to go to the restaurant next to Zanzibars; Lanai. We thought it looked really nice when we were at Zanzibars. We were wrong. It was a nice set up but the service wasn’t great and neither was the food. Not one to recommend. Not horrible, just not great. Stick to google reviews from now on I think.

After dinner we walked around for a little and headed back to Hatini for dessert and live music. For that creme brulee. We sat down and listened to the band which was actually pretty good.

Now were back in our room and after discovering we had no bottled water left we called house keeping for a couple of bottles and some clean glasses. The glasses came and the water didn’t. Finding that happens a lot here. The other night I told the waiter my drink was too strong and he asked if I would like more brown sugar in it. I said “Yes please!” and he smiled and nodded but the brown sugar never came and a drank it anyway.

We also bought a couple of DVD’s and now we’re filling up the bath (still at a glacial pace). We bought two just in case one didn’t work and sure enough, one didn’t. So that’s how we’re enjoying the rest of our night,.


One thought on “Lazy Days

  1. Marie says:

    What a shame about Hariza. Try Yuli Tailors in Padma Street, they’re also very good. Its in an arcade near where you’re staying.

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