Leather Jackets, Sunburn and a Full Moon

Leather Jackets, Sunburn and a Full Moon

I was feeling so much better this morning. I woke up at about 6:15am, must have been from all that napping yesterday. We decided to go for a walk and see if we could see the sunrise from the beach but then Shaun pointed out the obvious to me that if that’s where the sun sets it’s going to be the opposite to where it rises. It was still a nice morning on the beach though. After eating practically nothing yesterday I was starving this morning so after our walk we went to breakfast and it’s a bit of an understatement saying that I overdid it. I was feeling better and felt like I could stomach anything… so I did, which of course made me feel worse. Good job me.

Today was very dull and cloudy. Still warm though. I went to put on sunscreen, like we have been doing religiously since we got here and Shaun told me we wouldn’t need any because there was no sun. My goal for this holiday was not to get sunburnt. I failed. I blame Shaun.
I have a line from where my camera strap was, front and back. I’m glad be brought the aloe, although I was hoping we wouldn’t need it. Lesson learned.

First on the list for today was checking out some tailors and taking them my pictures of jackets (one leather, one suede). I was after the best price but quickly discovered I cared much more about quality. We had three recommendations from google of tailors in Legian. The first we went to, Dolphins Leather & Tailor looked at my picture of the leather jacket and showed me one they had that was similar and suggested some alterations. What they had was even nicer than my picture and I could tell they were all about quality. The second tailor, Agusta Leather & Tailor, was a much smaller shop and when I looked around I didn’t see anything I liked. He gave me a much cheaper quote but I could tell I was going to get what I paid for. The third, Merry’s Collection, paid more attention to my picture of the suede coat and pulled out some samples of coloured suede and leather which perfectly matched my picture. I briefly talked to them about the leather jacket but I couldn’t explain what I now preferred at Dolphins so I decided to go with Merry’s for the suede coat and Dolphins for the leather jacket. They were both $140AUD which seemed a lot to me but Shaun assured me that no where else would get a custom/designer jacket for that price and considering he spent about $500 on his favourite leather jacket back home I felt much better about my purchases for the day.

Our other plan for today was to walk into Seminyak but somehow ended up in Kuta (the opposite direction). We found the beach, our navigational spot and headed in the right direction this time. The great thing about Bali is that you can walk into any resort which a lot of the time has beach access so you can find the beach again. Seminyak was pretty boring. It has the good restaurants but not much else and it seems much more expensive. We did walk into one shop where I found a dress I loved for about $480AUD. Trust me to pick the expensive place.

Walking around this time tired out Shaun faster than me so we returned to our hotel where Shaun napped and I read. We also booked to go to the Full Moon Festival at our resort tonight which was a big buffet with a show. The show was some traditional dancing and some kind of story line that I didn’t pick up. Not really my kind of thing but still a good night.

Before the show I decided I wanted something decent to wear so Shaun and I went out for a quick shop where I got four dresses for $25 and some jewellery from a real shop, which was nice to have a break from bartering. Shaun also got three pairs of shorts and a singlet today for $65. I think I’m a bit better than him at bartering now which is probably why the singlet he bought says “My girlfriend is awesome”


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