Waterbom Park

Waterbom Park

While booking our trip to Bali the only place our travel agent told us we must go was the Waterbom Park. It was walking distance from our hotel which was nice but our only point of reference was the discovery mall which didn’t open until 10:00am and we’d gotten out quite early. We weren’t waiting around for long before they opened the doors and we walked through the mall and onto the Waterbom park.

As soon as we walked into the park I felt sick, looking at the slide closet to the entrance did not make me feel at ease. I promised Shaun I’d try all of the slides. We walked past ‘The Climax’ and onto the next to which we thought seemed like they’d be quite tame. They weren’t. I screamed louder than I even knew I could on the first two but I was so grateful that they were ones we got to go down together.

We headed to where the majority of the slides were and even though they were very scary, they were not quite as thrilling as the first two, which I was happy about. There was some more we went down together, some we went down singly with a mat head first and others that we had nothing but ourselves (those ones were a little painful). There was also a calm one where you just floated around a river. With hesitation and heavy breathing a went on all of them except one before deciding it was time to face ‘The Climax’. Shaun went up first and I watched from the bottom. We repeated a couple of slides before heading up ‘The Climax’ together. I told Shaun I wanted him to go first because I wanted him to be there at the bottom when I got down. As we got closer to the front of the line I started to tear up. I was shitting myself.

Shaun went down first and I started to tear up even more realising I was next. The people in the line behind me were laughing at me but I didn’t really care. I was too busy freaking out. I climbed into the tube, (which they close the door of and then push a button the drops the floor beneath you) but the attendant didn’t get the door shut. As soon as I stepped into that thing I started bawling. There was no way I was going down that slide. I stood off to the side and continued crying not turning to face the people who were waiting in the line behind me. I saw Shaun at the bottom realise what had happened and come bolting up the stairs to collect me. I was so embarrassed but when Shaun got up to the top of the tower I started laughing, still crying at the same time.

I didn’t go on the other slide I’d skipped. It was all getting a bit too much for me after that. We went back on one of the two scarier ones we went on at the start (which I could handle) and were ready to leave. I had a great time at the Waterbom park, I just tried to push myself beyond my limits and failed.

After the Waterbom park we went back into the Discovery Mall to do a lot of window shopping. The one thing I really wanted to buy myself while in Bali was a pair of white denim shorts. After seeing the kind of clothes available in the street stalls I realised I’m not going to find any there, so I looked in all the real shops but any I found were still about $65AUD which was a bit disappointing. I was absolutely pooped so we decided to catch a taxi back to the resort which cost less than $2AUD (this time a Bluebird).

When we got back we watched a couple of episodes of White Collar on the laptop (best show) and headed down for a later than usual dinner at the sunset bar at our resort. The waiter told us we could only choose from the pizza and pasta menu, I’m not quite sure why, maybe because we were on the couches at the bar instead of in the restaurant. I thought it was a bit of a let down and after scanning the menu, settled for a margarita pizza and Shaun got gnocchi. Not a let down at all! I’m so glad it was just pizza and pasta because that was the best bloody pizza I’ve ever had. I don’t know what it was; the base, the cheese, the extra sundried tomatoes I asked for? Shaun had the same reaction to his gnocchi and we’ll definitely be returning another night. We spent a while there after we finished our meals just chatting and drinking (water and mocktails this time) It was really nice. Tomorrow’s going to be a big shopping day hopefully, maybe a massage somewhere in there. Tough life, I know.


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