Shaun’s Turn, Shopping and massages

Shaun's Turn, Shopping and massages

I was woken at around 1:00am by a strange noise. It took me a while to wake up and realise what was going on. It was the sound of someone vomiting, I assumed someone in the room next to us but then rolled over and realised Shaun wasn’t in bed. It was his turn for Bali belly.

Shaun did what I was debating doing when I was sick, he ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor. Turns out… horrible idea. In the morning he was feeling much better, sick wise, but he was absolutely broken and sore from sleeping on the floor with nothing but a towel for a pillow. We took it easy today which I was fine with considering when I was sick a barely got out of bed during the day.

For the first time at the breakfast buffet they had banana bread!! I love banana bread. It had something else in it that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It was a dark colour and shredded all through the bread. I thought raisins but I wasn’t quite sure how they’d shred it that fine. I got to a chunk and figured it out. Chocolate. Best idea. Shaun came down to breakfast with me but just ate fruit. He was feeling better but not quite there.

When we were at the Full Moon Festival we were sat at a table with a few other couples. One of them told us about a shop around the corner called Ketut’s. Supposedly it’s like all the other shops but all the prices are fixed, meaning they start low and you don’t have to barter. That was our first stop this morning but we quickly left the shop because we weren’t the only tourists who had heard about it. It was packed. We couldn’t move in the shop so we decided to go back tomorrow early so we can actually get a look. We also took all our dirty laundry to a laundry place around the corner. About $7AUD for a weeks worth of both our washing.

We then caught a taxi to Poppies Lane I and II, (which are actually in Legian, not Kuta) Shaun was too sore to walk. We got some good shopping done. We bought Oakleigh sunnies, Bitang singlets, Vans and some crazy pants that are everywhere that I decided I wanted (just for around the house).

We had lunch at a fancy Italian restaurant between Poppies Lane I and Poppies Lane II. It was really nice but Shaun couldn’t get much in after being sick all night. We caught a taxi back to the resort and Shaun had a nap while I read another chapter of my book.

After that Shaun walked me to Melasti Spa where I had a manicure and a half an hour back massage. It was the top recommended spa in Legian on TripAdvisor and less than $15AUD for everything I had done. First I sat down and had my nails shaped and so many other things done to my nails and fingers that I never would have thought of. I was worried that it wasn’t going to include painting because everything else was taking so long (not in a bad way though) I was then asked if I was ready for my massage so I figured I was right and they weren’t going to get painted. I was taken into a different room where I had my massage which was very nice but could have been harder. I can’t blame them though because I didn’t say anything. After my massage I was told it was time to paint my nails. YAY. I chose a gold sparkly colour. When she started applying the nail polish I thought it looked awful and then realised I’d picked one of the O.P.I cracked texture ones. Again, I didn’t say anything. Another lady came along and told the one doing my nails that it was the wrong nail polish and that was only meant for a top layer so they got the same colour in a normal polish and started again. Now it looks nice. No flowers or details though which was disappointing.

I walked the short walk back to the resort by myself which was no where near as confronting as I would have thought it was before arriving in Bali. Shaun was in the room watching a movie and didn’t feel like eating so I just ordered some room service for myself. Hopefully he’ll be feeling better tomorrow but if he doesn’t it doesn’t really matter because we don’t have any plans.


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