What the Potato Head!

What the Potato Head!

Today was a strange day. We slept in again, I don’t like sleeping in. It feels like wasting the day, but I also don’t like setting an alarm. We had breakfast and then went to Ketut’s and picked up our laundry. We bought a couple of things at Ketut’s, it was nice not having to barter but as we didn’t get there as early as we’d hoped it very quickly filled up and we were out. While out I also bought four handbags from one store for about $17AUD each. We picked up our laundry and came back to our room. The laundry smelled lovely and seemed so much cleaner than when we do it at home. Unfortunately a few of the dresses I’ve bought while in Bali shrank but it’s fine because now I have a few tops instead.

Yesterday while at the spa, I commented on another ladies sandals and she told me to go to Matahari, a department store in Kuta sqaure. We caught a taxi there and realised we’d already been in the store but we didn’t go up the escalators. The store was four floors and so much bigger than we originally thought. On the second level there was more shoes than I’ve ever seen in one place. It was so frustrating because if you wanted to try on in your size you had to get an employee to get your size and they would take about 10 minutes to come back with the size. After spending about an hour looking at shoes and trying on about four pairs I gave up and left without buying anything.

Another plan for the day was to buy a few watches (all in one place so we could get them cheaper) this was also frustrating because I wanted Shaun to do it and Shaun wanted me to do it. Neither of us were really in the mood for bartering. We looked in quite a few shops and stalls but gave into frustration again and returned to the resort to relax by the pool.

We decided to try to go to Potato Head for dinner tonight. The most common recommendation we have heard is “Go to Potato Head”. I say try because we heard that we needed to make a reservation at least three days in advance but we figured it wasn’t peak season so we’d just rock up and give it a shot.

We actually found it difficult to find a taxi. Normally there’s one just outside the lobby in our resort we can jump into. We settled for one that wasn’t a Bluebird because we were told we had to be at Potato Head for sunset and we were going to miss it. The taxi driver had no idea what Shaun was saying and ended up calling someone and giving Shaun the phone. Shaun told the person on the phone we wanted to go to Potato Head and they knew straight away and gave the driver directions. It must have been peak hour in Bali because we were barely moving. It was probably about a 30 minute drive that would have been a 15 minute walk. We would have gotten lost walking though. Driving through Seminyak made us realise how different it is. Much pricier. Fancy boutique dress stores and high concrete fences on exclusive resorts or villas.

We arrived at Potato Head and from the outside it was a ridiculous high wall made out of different coloured shutters. There was an Indonesian woman and an Australian woman standing at the entrance with head sets and a bouncer standing in front of the entrance with one of those red rope things. We asked if there was anything available and the Australian woman talked to someone through her headset and told us there was no tables but there was a day bed available where we could order dinner.

It was not just a restaurant like we thought. It was completely overwhelming and I can’t do it any justice by describing it in words. It was called “Potato Head Beach Club” and was more of a club atmosphere but without the dancing. It was three separate restaurants in an open plan layout with day beds by a pool and a spa. It wasn’t part of a resort, it really was just a club/restaurant with a pool and spa and you can bring your bathers with you. We were told before we were sat down that there was a minimum $50AUD spending limit. Originally we were thinking we’d need to get a few courses, drinks and mains to make the limit but turns out we couldn’t afford anything other than mains which well exceeded the limit.

This place was the kind of place you see the ridiculously filthy rich people go in movies. Places like this don’t exist in real life, or apparently they do. It was absolutely amazing but I just couldn’t get my head around it. I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t really enjoy it. I think it was just the mood I was in but I wish I had have had some idea what I was in for. I found that I was screwing my nose up at it instead of just embracing it. I desperately wanted to enjoy myself but for some reason I just couldn’t.

When we left they had a driver take us back to our resort. The car was lovely and still had new car smell and plastic on the visors. When we got back we sat by the pool and relaxed. For some reason we both needed it. It was nice that this was our pool. I think we both felt more comfortable at our resort. It was a relief to be back. I’m so excited for tomorrow morning. We’re going swimming with Dolphins. That is definitely more my kind of thing. We’ve booked in for lunch on Friday at Potato Head, hoping I can enjoy it now that I know what to expect. We figured we might as well book and if on the day I’m not in the mood we can just cancel.


3 thoughts on “What the Potato Head!

  1. Marie says:

    It looks fantastic. By the way….where’s your suntans????

  2. Marie says:

    Adam suggests that you try The Rio Bar and Grill on Legian Street. Its in between Legian and Seminyak. He says its reasonably priced and the food is fantastic.

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