Our new best friend Dino

Our new best friend Dino

This morning was one to look forward to. We got picked up from our hotel at about 9:00am. There was a bit of confusion because the driver was told that there were four people to pick up under Shaun’s name. After a few phone calls all was sorted, we picked up some people from another hotel and were on our way.

We arrived at the dolphin place where we got onto a boat and were taken to a huge pontoon-like structure out in the ocean where they trained the dolphins. We were told we got to go into a pen with Dino. He’d been rescued (not quite sure what from) and trained in just three months. There was another family in with Dino. Wife, husband, daughter. The wife didn’t come in the water pen until the very end and took our camera for us and took heaps of photos for us which we were very grateful for. The daughter was scared to touch Dino but warmed up to him in the end.

We got to play with Dino for 40 minutes. We hugged and kissed him, we played fetch with a rock and then a ball, we gave him a massage, we fed him, attempted to lift him out of the water (but he weighs about 100kg), felt his teeth and tail, watched him leap over a jump and then jump up and hit a ball that was very high up. Some of this we got to watch from underwater with goggles.

The 40 minutes went so quickly but it was amazing, it might even top riding an elephant. I couldn’t wipe the huge grin off my face the whole time we were in there.

We caught the boat back and were given some fruit and drinks. Then our driver took us back to our resorts. He dropped the other people off first and was then very chatty with us, offering to drive us round for a whole day to different places he recommended. The monkey forest in Ubud, the Uluwatu rock temple, Nusa Dua for watersports. All these places sounded amazing and we were seriously considering his offer.

When we got back I tried to figure out how we could fit all these new things into three days. It stressed me out and after stressing over it for far too long we decided to stick to the original plan and do all that next time we’re in Bali. We spent the afternoon failing at buying watches again (this time giving up because they’re still just too expensive) and walking along the beach.

We sat on the beach and watched the sunset, it got so close to the horizon tonight but then covered by a cloud at the very bottom of the skyline. It was still the best sunset we’ve seen. We then had pizza at Bella Rosa. There were no tables along the beach but we found a very nice sun lounge in a more secluded area. The pizza wasn’t as good the second time but was still good.

We went the long way around to grab a movie on the way back to the room. We grabbed a couple so hopefully one works. On the second night we were in Bali we saw someone selling a flaming wallet along the beach. Ever since we’ve been hoping to see another. Tonight was our night. The man said the wallet was $25AUD but we told him all we had on us was just over $6AUD (truth) and he sold it to us for that. We can’t figure out how to use it yet but we will.


One thought on “Our new best friend Dino

  1. Andrew says:

    You guys are making me very jealous!! Sounds like you are having a fantastic time and glad to hear you are both fit and well again. Can’t wait to see more of your photos.

    See you soon


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