Seminyak and Leather Jackets part II

We started off the day by booking our last big experience that we’re doing tomorrow. White water rafting and  night elephant safari. We took a long walk into Seminyak and back looking in a lot of the shops and realising that our first impression of Seminyak was right and it was all too expensive. I did buy one thing, a lantern. It’s absolutely beautiful and it’s like the ones that hang in the trees at Belle Rosa. I just hope it doesn’t smash on the way back home.

At some point this morning my camera stopped working. We couldn’t figure it out and we stopped on the street trying different things. Some Balinese people saw the opportunity to sell us something and started shouting out “Do you speak English?” Shaun started pretending to be Italian and did a pretty damn good job. I might have given him away by holding back tears of laughter but one guy walked back to the others and said “Nahh, Italian!” Made my day.

In the afternoon we went to pick up my tailor made jackets. I was both very impressed and a little disappointed with both of them. The first one, from Merry’s Collection (the suede one) did look a lot like the picture I gave them, but it was much shorter than I wanted which was my fault because I underestimated and it was quite a bit darker in colour, also my fault because they showed me samples of suede. I guess it just looked lighter n a smaller piece. The second one from Dolphin’s Leather I was very happy with but I’d asked for red lining which they wrote down and showed me the red lining they had and then lined the jacket with black. I didn’t tell them because I didn’t want to have to wait longer.

For dinner we went to Bali Beach Shack which was pretty high on the TripAdvisor list. The owner was an Australian lady who was very attentive and the atmosphere was amazing to say the least. It was one of the cheaper places we’ve gone to and it wasn’t fancy like the restaurants along the beach but there was a live band that were great and it was just a lovely place.

Before coming to Bali when I told people we were coming here they’d ask how long, when I told them two weeks people would always say “Two weeks is a really good amount of time.” They’re wrong, it’s not. I want more time. There’s so much more I’d love to do, I guess I’ll just have to save up again and come back!


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