Uneventful day

Nothing really happened today, it’s barely worth writing about. We had breakfast, took all our clothes to the laundry place so we don’t have to do washing when we get home. We then walked along the beach into Seminyak. We said that if we had heaps of money left at the end of the trip we’d allow ourselves a splurge each. I wanted an expensive (in comparison) dress and Shaun wanted a watch.

We walked around Seminyak and I tried a few things on but nothing was right. I gave up knowing I wasn’t going to find what I wanted because my wants are always too specific. I might get the watch I’ve wanted for a while duty free at the airport. We stopped somewhere for lunch that seemed good but after sitting for way too long without getting asked for our order we decided to leave. We walked around and look for somewhere else but ended up deciding to catch a taxi back to resort and have lunch by the pool.

We were both exhausted and Shaun wasn’t phased about watch shopping, maybe tomorrow. We came back up to room and lay in bed watching a couple of bad movies. We went for a late night walk on the beach and stopped at the highly recommended Mozzarella’s. Service and atmosphere were great but I was very disappointed with the food. Everything seemed way too sweet.

Now back in bed watching another movie, settling down for our final night in this huge bed. I still wish we had more time here.


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