White Water Rafting and Elephant Night Safari

Whate Water Rafting and Elephant Night Safari

Yesterday morning we finished off all our present shopping at Ketut’s. We’re so over bartering so Ketut’s is the perfect place to go.

We had organised to be picked up from the resort at 12:00 – 12:30 for white water rafting so we got ready and waited in the foyer. Our bus arrived already with a family of Queenslanders (they were very annoying). The trip to where our rafting adventure began was about probably about an hour. It went quite quickly because we were looking out the window the whole time at the amazing rice fields and rain forests.

We arrived at the rafting place where we were given a buffet lunch. We then got our helmets and life jackets and walked down about a million stairs to the river. When we got to the bottom my legs were shaking uncontrollably, not because I was scared, it was from the walk down the stairs. I heard some other people say their legs were doing it too so I didn’t feel quite so unfit.

We jumped into the rafts and were briefed quickly, it all seemed to make sense and was pretty straight forward. We were in a raft with two Danish guys. We began rafting and our captain/instructor was making sex noises for the first 10 minutes. He was leader of all the rafts which was great because our raft was always so far ahead which meant better photo opportunities.

The whole rafting trip was about two hours and 9kms. When I heard it was two hours I couldn’t imagine how it could be that long but it went so quickly because it was so much fun. I could have gone for another two hours. It wasn’t scary at all, that doesn’t mean I didn’t scream, but they were excited screams. Compared to the Waterbom Park it was nothing, just a really good workout and amazing views. There were a few spots where we got to jump out of the raft and float down the river.

Our raft finished far before the others. At the end we had to climb a million steps where there was a bus waiting at the top to take us back to where we had lunch so we could shower and grab our bags. We then got back into a bus with the Queenslanders and off to the Elephant Safari Park.

The park was amazing. It was nothing like the zoo. The elephants were looked after at the zoo but in comparison this was an elephant paradise. Many were walking around freely and the huge park had a total of 30 elephants. First we got to look around the museum which was actually very interesting. We also met our tour guide who was by far Shaun and I’s favourite Balinese person we’d met. He somehow had an English accent and said words like “Groovy” and “Cheerio”. We asked him where he learned English and he said he learned it at school and gets to practice it working at the park. I don’t think he realised how different he sounded but he was awesome.

We then got to feed the baby elephants. They were cheeky little buggers. They would try to grab the bamboo out of your hand when you weren’t looking. Me and Shaun had a photo taken with them and while I was facing the other way the two of them each grabbed one of my arms and were pulling. They get a good grip too.

We then got to feed the big elephants and then went to watch the elephant talent show. Our favourite guide gave a commentary and we learned a lot. The elephants took bows, played basketball, soccer, walked along a plank, sat down and showed us their belly buttons, did maths, played the harmonica and swung around a hula-hoop. After the 15 minute show we had another elephant ride. This one was so much different from the zoo. It wasn’t level ground and it was completely dark with the starriest sky we’ve seen since in Bali. It was also freezing because we were up in the mountains. Our elephants name was Ola and the man who was riding her was lovely. We learned in the show that each elephant only has one trainer and they form a very special bond. He told us that Ola and him had been together for eight years and were like brother and sister and they’d come from Sumatra together to the park. It was so sweet how much he obviously loved her.

After our twilight ride we had a buffet dinner at the park which was lovely. We got back into the bus and this time the trip didn’t go so quickly. We were exhausted and looking forward to bed more than ever. I think everyone in the car fell asleep and when we arrived back at our resort we collapsed into bed.

Today is our last full day in Bali. So sad. We have no plans which is quite nice. Tomorrow we’re getting picked up at 8:40pm to go to the airport for our midnight flight. We’ve booked in a spa day tomorrow for both of us. Shaun’s going to get a one hour manicure. I’m not even doing that!


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