A Final Post

Home again.

We got up early on our last day. We wanted a good table at breakfast. We ended up getting the same table we got on our first morning which was nice.

We picked up our clean fresh laundry and went back up to our room for the last time to pack our bags. We checked out at midday and then headed over to Melasti Spa for our last pamper. I spent a very long time trying to explain to them that Shaun and I both wanted an hour massage and then I wanted a half hour manicure and half hour pedicure but Shaun just wanted an hour manicure (his feet are too ticklish). I thought they got it but obviously not because we ended up with the same treatment. Shaun didn’t correct them so he got his pedicure.

The whole two hours was lovely but during my massage I got my head massaged which felt great but she used massage oil and after checking out I had no access to a shower which killed me.

We went to Kuta to do a final shop where Shaun got a watch that he loves and I got some fake Tiffany jewellery. We walked back along the beach to the resort and chilled out by the pool until it was time for dinner. Pizza at the sunset bar at Padma seemed perfect for our last meal.

After dinner we waited in the foyer for our airport transfer. We got picked up by someone from Destination Asia as well as a driver. The Destination Asia man spent the whole half an hour trip guilt tripping us because we booked our experiences through the hotel and not through his company. The person who picked us up from the airport said nothing about booking through them and didn’t even get in the car with us. It was extremely frustrating listening to him. He said he wasn’t trying to make us feel bad but continued to tell us how little money he was making and how his company was responsible for our trip and how much cheaper we could have gotten everything if we went through him.

When we got to the airport we followed the signs and this time I didn’t let anyone touch my bag. All lighters were confiscated (even in checked luggage) which meant our fluid was taken but because our magic wallet didn’t actually have any fluid in it we were allowed to keep it. Yay.

There were many shops at the airport just like the ones in Bali and we still hadn’t escaped the people asking if we wanted a massage or hair braided. We got on the plain at 11:45pm hoping to get some sleep. We didn’t get any. The flight seemed much longer than the flight on the way to Bali.

We arrived in Melbourne at about 7:30am and the plan was to go straight to bed. I was going to buy the watch I wanted duty free at the airport but the shops on the way out aren’t the same as the ones on the way in and they didn’t have it. Mum picked us up and we headed to Maccas for breakfast. It was nice not to have the option for seconds. I wont miss the buffets. We got home and I decided to power through the day and not go sleep.

After going through everything I bought and all my photos with mum, I finally had a shower and washed the massage oil out of my hair (24hours later). We invited our friends over and after doing the present thing we all went to Fast Eddies to play some pool. The day seemed so strange because everything that had happened the day before felt like it had happened that morning.

The greatest thing about being home is the air. You get so used to the air in Bali and when you get home it’s like being in the country with the air so fresh. I jut wish it wasn’t so cold.


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