First Pretty Sunset

First Pretty Sunset

Tonight was the first time the sun wasn’t behind clouds. We thought we were finally going to see the sun hit the horizon but just before it did… a small cloud got in the way. It was still beautiful and probably the nicest we’ll see by the looks of the weather forecast.


What the Potato Head!

What the Potato Head!

Today was a strange day. We slept in again, I don’t like sleeping in. It feels like wasting the day, but I also don’t like setting an alarm. We had breakfast and then went to Ketut’s and picked up our laundry. We bought a couple of things at Ketut’s, it was nice not having to barter but as we didn’t get there as early as we’d hoped it very quickly filled up and we were out. While out I also bought four handbags from one store for about $17AUD each. We picked up our laundry and came back to our room. The laundry smelled lovely and seemed so much cleaner than when we do it at home. Unfortunately a few of the dresses I’ve bought while in Bali shrank but it’s fine because now I have a few tops instead.

Yesterday while at the spa, I commented on another ladies sandals and she told me to go to Matahari, a department store in Kuta sqaure. We caught a taxi there and realised we’d already been in the store but we didn’t go up the escalators. The store was four floors and so much bigger than we originally thought. On the second level there was more shoes than I’ve ever seen in one place. It was so frustrating because if you wanted to try on in your size you had to get an employee to get your size and they would take about 10 minutes to come back with the size. After spending about an hour looking at shoes and trying on about four pairs I gave up and left without buying anything.

Another plan for the day was to buy a few watches (all in one place so we could get them cheaper) this was also frustrating because I wanted Shaun to do it and Shaun wanted me to do it. Neither of us were really in the mood for bartering. We looked in quite a few shops and stalls but gave into frustration again and returned to the resort to relax by the pool.

We decided to try to go to Potato Head for dinner tonight. The most common recommendation we have heard is “Go to Potato Head”. I say try because we heard that we needed to make a reservation at least three days in advance but we figured it wasn’t peak season so we’d just rock up and give it a shot.

We actually found it difficult to find a taxi. Normally there’s one just outside the lobby in our resort we can jump into. We settled for one that wasn’t a Bluebird because we were told we had to be at Potato Head for sunset and we were going to miss it. The taxi driver had no idea what Shaun was saying and ended up calling someone and giving Shaun the phone. Shaun told the person on the phone we wanted to go to Potato Head and they knew straight away and gave the driver directions. It must have been peak hour in Bali because we were barely moving. It was probably about a 30 minute drive that would have been a 15 minute walk. We would have gotten lost walking though. Driving through Seminyak made us realise how different it is. Much pricier. Fancy boutique dress stores and high concrete fences on exclusive resorts or villas.

We arrived at Potato Head and from the outside it was a ridiculous high wall made out of different coloured shutters. There was an Indonesian woman and an Australian woman standing at the entrance with head sets and a bouncer standing in front of the entrance with one of those red rope things. We asked if there was anything available and the Australian woman talked to someone through her headset and told us there was no tables but there was a day bed available where we could order dinner.

It was not just a restaurant like we thought. It was completely overwhelming and I can’t do it any justice by describing it in words. It was called “Potato Head Beach Club” and was more of a club atmosphere but without the dancing. It was three separate restaurants in an open plan layout with day beds by a pool and a spa. It wasn’t part of a resort, it really was just a club/restaurant with a pool and spa and you can bring your bathers with you. We were told before we were sat down that there was a minimum $50AUD spending limit. Originally we were thinking we’d need to get a few courses, drinks and mains to make the limit but turns out we couldn’t afford anything other than mains which well exceeded the limit.

This place was the kind of place you see the ridiculously filthy rich people go in movies. Places like this don’t exist in real life, or apparently they do. It was absolutely amazing but I just couldn’t get my head around it. I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t really enjoy it. I think it was just the mood I was in but I wish I had have had some idea what I was in for. I found that I was screwing my nose up at it instead of just embracing it. I desperately wanted to enjoy myself but for some reason I just couldn’t.

When we left they had a driver take us back to our resort. The car was lovely and still had new car smell and plastic on the visors. When we got back we sat by the pool and relaxed. For some reason we both needed it. It was nice that this was our pool. I think we both felt more comfortable at our resort. It was a relief to be back. I’m so excited for tomorrow morning. We’re going swimming with Dolphins. That is definitely more my kind of thing. We’ve booked in for lunch on Friday at Potato Head, hoping I can enjoy it now that I know what to expect. We figured we might as well book and if on the day I’m not in the mood we can just cancel.

Shaun’s Turn, Shopping and massages

Shaun's Turn, Shopping and massages

I was woken at around 1:00am by a strange noise. It took me a while to wake up and realise what was going on. It was the sound of someone vomiting, I assumed someone in the room next to us but then rolled over and realised Shaun wasn’t in bed. It was his turn for Bali belly.

Shaun did what I was debating doing when I was sick, he ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor. Turns out… horrible idea. In the morning he was feeling much better, sick wise, but he was absolutely broken and sore from sleeping on the floor with nothing but a towel for a pillow. We took it easy today which I was fine with considering when I was sick a barely got out of bed during the day.

For the first time at the breakfast buffet they had banana bread!! I love banana bread. It had something else in it that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It was a dark colour and shredded all through the bread. I thought raisins but I wasn’t quite sure how they’d shred it that fine. I got to a chunk and figured it out. Chocolate. Best idea. Shaun came down to breakfast with me but just ate fruit. He was feeling better but not quite there.

When we were at the Full Moon Festival we were sat at a table with a few other couples. One of them told us about a shop around the corner called Ketut’s. Supposedly it’s like all the other shops but all the prices are fixed, meaning they start low and you don’t have to barter. That was our first stop this morning but we quickly left the shop because we weren’t the only tourists who had heard about it. It was packed. We couldn’t move in the shop so we decided to go back tomorrow early so we can actually get a look. We also took all our dirty laundry to a laundry place around the corner. About $7AUD for a weeks worth of both our washing.

We then caught a taxi to Poppies Lane I and II, (which are actually in Legian, not Kuta) Shaun was too sore to walk. We got some good shopping done. We bought Oakleigh sunnies, Bitang singlets, Vans and some crazy pants that are everywhere that I decided I wanted (just for around the house).

We had lunch at a fancy Italian restaurant between Poppies Lane I and Poppies Lane II. It was really nice but Shaun couldn’t get much in after being sick all night. We caught a taxi back to the resort and Shaun had a nap while I read another chapter of my book.

After that Shaun walked me to Melasti Spa where I had a manicure and a half an hour back massage. It was the top recommended spa in Legian on TripAdvisor and less than $15AUD for everything I had done. First I sat down and had my nails shaped and so many other things done to my nails and fingers that I never would have thought of. I was worried that it wasn’t going to include painting because everything else was taking so long (not in a bad way though) I was then asked if I was ready for my massage so I figured I was right and they weren’t going to get painted. I was taken into a different room where I had my massage which was very nice but could have been harder. I can’t blame them though because I didn’t say anything. After my massage I was told it was time to paint my nails. YAY. I chose a gold sparkly colour. When she started applying the nail polish I thought it looked awful and then realised I’d picked one of the O.P.I cracked texture ones. Again, I didn’t say anything. Another lady came along and told the one doing my nails that it was the wrong nail polish and that was only meant for a top layer so they got the same colour in a normal polish and started again. Now it looks nice. No flowers or details though which was disappointing.

I walked the short walk back to the resort by myself which was no where near as confronting as I would have thought it was before arriving in Bali. Shaun was in the room watching a movie and didn’t feel like eating so I just ordered some room service for myself. Hopefully he’ll be feeling better tomorrow but if he doesn’t it doesn’t really matter because we don’t have any plans.

Waterbom Park

Waterbom Park

While booking our trip to Bali the only place our travel agent told us we must go was the Waterbom Park. It was walking distance from our hotel which was nice but our only point of reference was the discovery mall which didn’t open until 10:00am and we’d gotten out quite early. We weren’t waiting around for long before they opened the doors and we walked through the mall and onto the Waterbom park.

As soon as we walked into the park I felt sick, looking at the slide closet to the entrance did not make me feel at ease. I promised Shaun I’d try all of the slides. We walked past ‘The Climax’ and onto the next to which we thought seemed like they’d be quite tame. They weren’t. I screamed louder than I even knew I could on the first two but I was so grateful that they were ones we got to go down together.

We headed to where the majority of the slides were and even though they were very scary, they were not quite as thrilling as the first two, which I was happy about. There was some more we went down together, some we went down singly with a mat head first and others that we had nothing but ourselves (those ones were a little painful). There was also a calm one where you just floated around a river. With hesitation and heavy breathing a went on all of them except one before deciding it was time to face ‘The Climax’. Shaun went up first and I watched from the bottom. We repeated a couple of slides before heading up ‘The Climax’ together. I told Shaun I wanted him to go first because I wanted him to be there at the bottom when I got down. As we got closer to the front of the line I started to tear up. I was shitting myself.

Shaun went down first and I started to tear up even more realising I was next. The people in the line behind me were laughing at me but I didn’t really care. I was too busy freaking out. I climbed into the tube, (which they close the door of and then push a button the drops the floor beneath you) but the attendant didn’t get the door shut. As soon as I stepped into that thing I started bawling. There was no way I was going down that slide. I stood off to the side and continued crying not turning to face the people who were waiting in the line behind me. I saw Shaun at the bottom realise what had happened and come bolting up the stairs to collect me. I was so embarrassed but when Shaun got up to the top of the tower I started laughing, still crying at the same time.

I didn’t go on the other slide I’d skipped. It was all getting a bit too much for me after that. We went back on one of the two scarier ones we went on at the start (which I could handle) and were ready to leave. I had a great time at the Waterbom park, I just tried to push myself beyond my limits and failed.

After the Waterbom park we went back into the Discovery Mall to do a lot of window shopping. The one thing I really wanted to buy myself while in Bali was a pair of white denim shorts. After seeing the kind of clothes available in the street stalls I realised I’m not going to find any there, so I looked in all the real shops but any I found were still about $65AUD which was a bit disappointing. I was absolutely pooped so we decided to catch a taxi back to the resort which cost less than $2AUD (this time a Bluebird).

When we got back we watched a couple of episodes of White Collar on the laptop (best show) and headed down for a later than usual dinner at the sunset bar at our resort. The waiter told us we could only choose from the pizza and pasta menu, I’m not quite sure why, maybe because we were on the couches at the bar instead of in the restaurant. I thought it was a bit of a let down and after scanning the menu, settled for a margarita pizza and Shaun got gnocchi. Not a let down at all! I’m so glad it was just pizza and pasta because that was the best bloody pizza I’ve ever had. I don’t know what it was; the base, the cheese, the extra sundried tomatoes I asked for? Shaun had the same reaction to his gnocchi and we’ll definitely be returning another night. We spent a while there after we finished our meals just chatting and drinking (water and mocktails this time) It was really nice. Tomorrow’s going to be a big shopping day hopefully, maybe a massage somewhere in there. Tough life, I know.

Leather Jackets, Sunburn and a Full Moon

Leather Jackets, Sunburn and a Full Moon

I was feeling so much better this morning. I woke up at about 6:15am, must have been from all that napping yesterday. We decided to go for a walk and see if we could see the sunrise from the beach but then Shaun pointed out the obvious to me that if that’s where the sun sets it’s going to be the opposite to where it rises. It was still a nice morning on the beach though. After eating practically nothing yesterday I was starving this morning so after our walk we went to breakfast and it’s a bit of an understatement saying that I overdid it. I was feeling better and felt like I could stomach anything… so I did, which of course made me feel worse. Good job me.

Today was very dull and cloudy. Still warm though. I went to put on sunscreen, like we have been doing religiously since we got here and Shaun told me we wouldn’t need any because there was no sun. My goal for this holiday was not to get sunburnt. I failed. I blame Shaun.
I have a line from where my camera strap was, front and back. I’m glad be brought the aloe, although I was hoping we wouldn’t need it. Lesson learned.

First on the list for today was checking out some tailors and taking them my pictures of jackets (one leather, one suede). I was after the best price but quickly discovered I cared much more about quality. We had three recommendations from google of tailors in Legian. The first we went to, Dolphins Leather & Tailor looked at my picture of the leather jacket and showed me one they had that was similar and suggested some alterations. What they had was even nicer than my picture and I could tell they were all about quality. The second tailor, Agusta Leather & Tailor, was a much smaller shop and when I looked around I didn’t see anything I liked. He gave me a much cheaper quote but I could tell I was going to get what I paid for. The third, Merry’s Collection, paid more attention to my picture of the suede coat and pulled out some samples of coloured suede and leather which perfectly matched my picture. I briefly talked to them about the leather jacket but I couldn’t explain what I now preferred at Dolphins so I decided to go with Merry’s for the suede coat and Dolphins for the leather jacket. They were both $140AUD which seemed a lot to me but Shaun assured me that no where else would get a custom/designer jacket for that price and considering he spent about $500 on his favourite leather jacket back home I felt much better about my purchases for the day.

Our other plan for today was to walk into Seminyak but somehow ended up in Kuta (the opposite direction). We found the beach, our navigational spot and headed in the right direction this time. The great thing about Bali is that you can walk into any resort which a lot of the time has beach access so you can find the beach again. Seminyak was pretty boring. It has the good restaurants but not much else and it seems much more expensive. We did walk into one shop where I found a dress I loved for about $480AUD. Trust me to pick the expensive place.

Walking around this time tired out Shaun faster than me so we returned to our hotel where Shaun napped and I read. We also booked to go to the Full Moon Festival at our resort tonight which was a big buffet with a show. The show was some traditional dancing and some kind of story line that I didn’t pick up. Not really my kind of thing but still a good night.

Before the show I decided I wanted something decent to wear so Shaun and I went out for a quick shop where I got four dresses for $25 and some jewellery from a real shop, which was nice to have a break from bartering. Shaun also got three pairs of shorts and a singlet today for $65. I think I’m a bit better than him at bartering now which is probably why the singlet he bought says “My girlfriend is awesome”

Bali Belly

Warning. The following post is not sugarcoated.

I had every intention of going to the gym this morning when but I was rudely interrupted by the infamous ‘Bali Belly’. When I went to bed I was feeling a bit queezy but I chose not to think much of it. I woke up at about 1:00am and straight away knew I was going to vomit. I continued vomiting and dry heaving until about 5:00am. I couldn’t even keep down a sip of water for more than a couple of minutes. At least it was only coming out one end though.

It was much worse when I was sitting up so I lined the bin with a plastic bag and didn’t even bother get out of bed for the rest of the night. I fell back asleep and woke up at about 8:30am but have spent all day in bed sleeping and watching nickelodeon. I haven’t vomited since about 5:00am but I still feel awful. I’ve also really badly hurt my neck so the two added together just makes me feel a bit sorry for myself. Shaun has been great. I’m so glad he’s not sick. He’s doing everything for me. Shaun went out and bought a few movies so we’re just taking it easy for the night. I managed to eat a piece of toast earlier but tried so have some soup for dinner and that was too difficult.

Hopefully I feel better tomorrow. This sucks.

Lazy Days

Lazy Days

Today we had nothing planned which was nice. I still woke up at 6:15am without an alarm so I decided to just go for a walk around the resort and when I came back we went to breakfast. I kept it pretty healthy this morning having bircher muesli, a piece of pumpkin bread and a litttle bit of bacon. Shaun asked if they could make him poached eggs despite not being part of the buffet and they were more than happy to do it for him.

Today’s only plan was to find the leather and tailor place to get a couple of jackets made for me. We couldn’t find Hariza, the place recommended because it no longer exists. That’s the problem with older recommendations. So back to google reviews and we’ll be back on the search for some new ones tomorrow.

We walked into Kuta again today and did some good shopping. Bought two handbags for $20 each (Jimmy Choo and Prada) got a new bikini which was from a real shop and much more expensive but I love it! From Marks & Spencer at the Discovery Mall. Bought two rings for $7.50 each. I’m so glad I have Shaun handling all the money. I’m sure I could if I needed to but I’m just not getting the hang of it yet. I can haggle a bit now but not count it out when I’m handing it over.

After being out for a few hours we decided to come back
and relax next to the pool. The warmer one this time. Reading and napping with a couple of cocktails, although I think I’ll stick to milkshakes from now on because I’m remembering I hate the taste of alcohol.

After the pool we headed out for dinner, deciding to go to the restaurant next to Zanzibars; Lanai. We thought it looked really nice when we were at Zanzibars. We were wrong. It was a nice set up but the service wasn’t great and neither was the food. Not one to recommend. Not horrible, just not great. Stick to google reviews from now on I think.

After dinner we walked around for a little and headed back to Hatini for dessert and live music. For that creme brulee. We sat down and listened to the band which was actually pretty good.

Now were back in our room and after discovering we had no bottled water left we called house keeping for a couple of bottles and some clean glasses. The glasses came and the water didn’t. Finding that happens a lot here. The other night I told the waiter my drink was too strong and he asked if I would like more brown sugar in it. I said “Yes please!” and he smiled and nodded but the brown sugar never came and a drank it anyway.

We also bought a couple of DVD’s and now we’re filling up the bath (still at a glacial pace). We bought two just in case one didn’t work and sure enough, one didn’t. So that’s how we’re enjoying the rest of our night,.

Hatini and Shopping

Hatini and Shopping

After my last post we decided to go to the beach where there are lounges with umbrellas set up every few meters. We walked for a while and then I decided to sit. A Balinese man approached us and told us we had to pay rent to sit in the chairs. I was quite shocked and told him we’d keep walking. It was more the shock that made me decline than me not wanting to pay. Either way, I was quite embarrassed.

We walked back to hotel and decided to head out for dinner. This time we knew where Hatini was so we went there. For the second night the sunset disappeared behind the clouds before hitting the horizon, it was still an amazing view. We ordered cocktails (first time drinking for a long time) and got a little tipsy off three each (buy one get one free). Our main meals were amazing and the Hatini definitely lived up to its reviews but it was the dessert the was the show stopper. Creme Brulee. Wow. Never tried it before and just… wow. I could have had five of them.

After dinner we decided to hit the streets with our increased confidence due to our slight intoxication. I bought a handbag and Shaun got a hat, I think about $17AUD for the two. I bought two dresses for $20AUD. Not bad bartering skills but still much room to improve. I’m still turning to Shaun every time to check what price I’m offering because I’m terrified of adding an extra zero onto the price.

Back in our room now and Shaun’s fallen fast asleep. He’s cheaper than me. Looking forward to a day of no plans tomorrow.